60 Minutes gets rare look at U.S. command center in war against ISIS

The crucial military hub is located in a bunker-like building in the middle of a giant air base in the Persian Gulf country of Qatar. It is ground zero for an air campaign against ISIS that’s costing $10 million a day. David Martin gives a preview of Sunday’s 60 Minutes Report.

Colorado Experience: NORAD

Cheyenne Mountain, located south of Colorado Springs, served as the command center for the North American Aerospace Defense Command Center (NORAD) from 1966-2008.The bi-nation defense organization, currently stationed at Peterson Air Force Base, continually adapts to modern-day challenges, while simultaneously protecting the citizens of the United States and Canada. The installation was renamed Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station. The Air Force Station is the site of NORAD's Air Defense Operations Read more [...]

Joining Forces

Watch Joining Forces to see how we united with our partners and our customers to quickly deploy Global Hawk’s advanced mission-critical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities in its first combat mission in Afghanistan – a game-changing platform and program that continues to secure peace through strength.

Lockheed Martin Canada Manufacturing

Lockheed Martin Canada is a highly diversified global enterprise principally engaged in the research, design, manufacture, and integration of advanced- technology products. By applying the innovative approaches of our highly skilled and experienced Canadian-based workforce, we have been Canada’s trusted defence partner for over 75 years.

Everything About Mission Control Houston

There are many questions about Mission Control. Flight Director Mary Lawrence is here to answer as many as she can before her shift starts. She and her fellow flight controllers answer everything about Mission Control Houston. Obviously the questions and answers were pretty well scripted.

Test Missile Fired at Boeing’s QF-16

Boeing’s unmanned QF-16 performs for the first time as an aerial target.

Aviation Photography by Luis Rosa (slideshow)

A kind of “Best Of,” … most of these pictures were taken at Faro Airport, in Algarve, South Portugal. Photos from 1995 to 2008. Music by Rob Dougan, “Clubbed to Death.” The creativity and beauty of these photo’s are awesome. Enjoy!

What Trump will do to Aviation in the U.S.

The producer of this video, Friendly Skies Film might have called this “What Trump Might Do to aviation,” but in any case this is an interesting possible scenario. All citizens have questions for sure so its difficult to simply guess and make assumptions. We will see what we will see!

How Powerful Is Taiwan?

Taiwan has become one of the wealthiest regions in Asia, however many say it depends to heavily on Chinese trade. So how powerful is Taiwan?

Lockheed’s T-50A Lifts Off for First Time Ahead of T-X Competition

Washington – Lockheed Martin’s upgraded T-50 jet trainer successfully completed its first flight test, a key milestone for the aircraft Lockheed is offering for the Air Force’s next-generation trainer fleet. The flight took place in Sacheon, South Korea, as the T-50A is currently manufactured there jointly by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) and Lockheed Martin.