“Flight” is a special feature from “One Six Right”

ONE SIX RIGHT celebrates the unsung hero of aviation – the local airport. Through the love story of one airport, past to present, the film shares the timeless romance of flying with all ages. Terwilliger Prodns.


There is a profound cognitive shift that astronauts experience when they see Earth from Space. That’s the idea behind the title of this video, based on a phrase coined by the author Frank White. A SpaceRip Presentation.

World’s BIGGEST Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine of U.S. Navy

World’s Largest Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine of the U.S. Navy.

ONE Central Florida Short: Daddy’s Little Fighter Pilot

Like Father, Like Daughter; A Melbourne Air Force Major flies fighter jets just like her dad.

Sully – Official Trailer [HD]

Sully and his 1st Officer saved the lives of 155 passengers on board his aircraft all of which lasted 208 seconds . This is an awesome movie.

Declassified dogfight footage: F-14 Tomcat vs. Libyan MiG-23

1989 Gulf of Sidra entcounter between two F-14 Tomcats of the the USS John F. Kennedy and two MiG-23 Floggers of Libya. Unsurprisingly, the Tomcats come out on top.

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker-WWI Ace

As the first U.S. pilots prepared to leave for the front, Rickenbacker asked to go with them. Maj. Carl Spaatz approved the request and Rickenbacker joined the 94th Aero Squadron, where he proved to be an exceptional fighter pilot.

DREAM JOB FLYING !!! US Air Force F-16 Aircraft Pilot Documentary

A great Documentary about the best dream job flying a US Air Force F-16 Aircraft.

All Female USAF C-17 Globemaster III crew

An all female C-17 crew from the 816th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron participate in Exercise Eager Lion 2015 The exercise, involving 8,000 personnel from 19 countries, is underway as the civil war rages next door in Syria.


Maj. Heather Penny of D.C. Air National Guard-Her 9/11 Mission to Takeout Flight 93

F-16 pilot Heather Penny explains the actions she and her fellow NG pilots took in the intital response to the 911 attacks.