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From Earth to Air: F-15E Strike Eagle

The F-15E Strike Eagle is a dual-role fighter designed to perform Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground missions. An impressive airframe that is key in accomplishing the Air Force’s mission. Yet, this aircraft is nothing without the people behind it. What does it take to get the F-15E Strike Eagle from earthbound to airborne?

Dreams of Becoming an Astronaut | U. S. Air Force

Every kid at some time may dream of becoming an astronaut. Col. Alvin Drew pursued those dreams to actually become one. This story follows Col. Drew’s journey from D.C. to the Air Force Academy to becoming an Officer in the Air Force where he selected to fly on two space shuttle missions. See more stories at https://www.airforce.com/americanairmen.

Cyber War: U.S. Army Hackers

Produced a few years ago by the ArmyVideoTube, it is interesting and timely to explore the subject of the Cyber Battlefield. Students and staff at the Air Force’s Information Operations School at Hurlbert Field,FL. explore training for battle on the new front lines of cyberspace. Like it or not, we are being lead into a new world of intelligence and warefare. More to come on this subject.

The U-2 Dragon Lady: The Evolution

This awesome U-2 Dragon Lady U.S.A.F. aircraft video produced by Airman Drew Buchanan at Beale Air Force Base.

F-35A: The Road to United States Air Force Initial Operational Capability

On Aug. 2, 2016, the United States Air Force declared Initial Operational Capability for the F-35A Lightning II. Watch this video to see the timeline of significant events, milestones and accomplishments made possible by the thousands of men and women working towards this major declaration. Foe more information, visit F35.com.

B-1 Bomber Pilot Prep & Takeoff * Inside The Bone

B-1 Pilots and Crew Members gear up, perform pre-flight checks with various footage of the cockpit and instrument panels – then they taxi and takeoff at Dyess Air Force Base in Texas. The official designation of this long-range supersonic bomber is B-1 Lancer, but it has a nickname… “The Bone” which is a derivative name coming from B-One. From Gung Ho Vids.

F-35: The Smart Fighter for the Warfighter

Learn what makes the 5th Generation F-35 Lightning II the smart fighter for the warfighter. Check-out www.f35.com.

ONE Central Florida Short: Daddy’s Little Fighter Pilot

Like Father, Like Daughter; A Melbourne Air Force Major flies fighter jets just like her dad.

To All F-35 Aircraft Haters * The F-35 Is Very Much Alive

From Baker to Fighter Pilot