Stephen Kotkin – Stalin’s Propaganda and Putin’s Information Wars!

Stephen Kotkin on Stalin and Putin Intelligence. From Nathan Watson. Read more [...]


Annie Jacobsen is a Pulitzer Prize finalist and investigative journalist. Her latest book delves into one of the most infamously covert agencies in the country: the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). "Surprise, Kill, Vanish: The Secret History of CIA Paramilitary Armies, Operators, and Assassins," is an unprecedented look inside the Special Activities Division of the CIA, one of the most effective black operations in the world. Read more [...]

Power, Politics, and Russia’s Role in Today’s World Order!

From AJCGlobal: During the 2016 presidential election, a new term entered the lexicon of political pundits - Kompromat, incriminating material on a public figure compiled for purposes of blackmail. And that was just the beginning. From Russia's role in Syria and Ukraine to its support for far-right nationalist parties in Europe and its alleged hack of the DNC email system, it is no wonder Russian President Vladimir Putin was dubbed "the world's most powerful man" by Fareed Zakaria. Read more [...]

What Mueller Has Already Revealed About Trump and Russia!

The FBI investigation found three connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, into whether the Trump campaign "colluded" with Russia which has taken several twists and turns. We have to remember that FBI special counsel Robert Mueller has already revealed connections between Trump and Russia, through an array of court documents. We can understand the Trump-Russia ties through three categories, and see the many lines that connect the people who work for Trump and Russia. From Vox News. Read more [...]

The Putin Files: Julia loffe!

This is being posted for any Russian audience who have not had the opportunity to watch and listen to this video. Journalist Julia loffe offers a candid, full interview on President Putin and Russian operations. Part of FRONTLINE's media transparency project for our investigation. PBS. Read more [...]

The Mueller Investigation!

This report from FRONTLINE PBS | Official, is a revealing overview of a process that has generated many complicated issues that in a sense, opened a 'pandora's box' of inflammatory claims. Agents and government officials in Moscow should take the time to definitely review this program! Read more [...]

How Russia Is Disrupting the World Order | NYT News!

Cyberattacks! "Little green men." Frozen conflicts. These are just a few of the tactics Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin, have used to try to disrupt the world order. Read more [...]

The True Ambition of Russian Foreign Policy!

Mainstream Western analysts do not understand Russian foreign policy doctrine. This seventeen-minute video from the Weichert Report, explains what the Putinists are really after and how America should craft its foreign policy toward the Russians from here on out. Read more [...]

Inside China’s High-Tech Dystopia!

In part three of Hello World Shenzhen, Bloomberg Businessweek's Ashlee Vance heads out into a city where you can't use cash or credit cards, only your smartphone, where AI facial-recognition software instantly spots and tickets jaywalkers, and where at least one factory barely needs people. This is the society that China's government and leading tech companies are racing to make a reality, with little time to question which advancements are net positives for the rest of us. Read more [...]

Understanding the Chinese Mindset!

Singapore - In recent years, the government in Beijing has taken an offensive attitude in regard to the territorial claims in Asia. China has disputes in the south, east and west of the country. The pursuit of these geopolitical objectives has come at the expense of its neighbors. From CaspianReport. Read more [...]