I Was A Russian Spy And Failed A Mission

Jack Barsky explains how he began working for the KGB and had a collective mission failure. A very interesting ten minutes!

United States Air Force Space Command! The Future is now!

A great video on the United States Air Force Space Command. The part of the AF responsible for all things that deal with the defense of our interest in space and around the globe.

F-35 – A Pilot’s Perspective

See the Lightning II in action and hear three pilots describe what it’s like to fly the F-35.

United States Armed Forces- The Best-2018-HD-!

The United States Armed Forces Day is today, May 19, 2018. Take a moment to reflect and view the strength of the U.S.A.

Jane’s – Threat Intelligence

This case study based around an airstrike on the Syrian Scientific Studies Research Centre near Masyaf in September 2017, demonstrates how fusing Jane’s OSINT, GEOINT and IMINT enables you to increase your situational awareness.

SOFEX 2018: Raytheon – Cybersecurity and Special Missions

Jan’s talks to Tom Goodman, Director of International Business Development at Raytheon about the growing role of Cybersecurity in today’s missions.

North Korea warns US over fate of Trump summit

An extremely interesting and unknown justification for the following ‘breaking news!’ North Korea says the US should carefully consider the fate of the North Korea-US summit in light of “provocative” drills with South Korea, North Korean state news agency KCNA reports.

B-1 Bomber Pilot Prep & Takeoff * Inside The Bone

B-1 Pilots and Crew Members gear-up, perform pre-flight checks with various footage of the cockpit and instrument panels, then they taxi and takeoff at Dyess Air Force Base in Texas. Enjoy the ride-along and up-close and personal from Gung  Ho Vids.

Amanpour: How Does Pulling Out Of Iran Deal Make the U.S. Safe?

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour explains the international implications of President Trump withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal.

Will Rising Tensions Lead Israel and Iran into War?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Iran crossed a “red line” in Syria after bombing Iranian military infrastructure in that country. Is the Middle East on the verge of a wider war?