The Missile That Could Help Win Wars |The Military Tech Show | Spark

With exclusive access, this eye-opening series reveals the latest military innovations which are shaping the present and future of the armed forces. Read more [...]

“How To Think About Putin’s Russia” – Christopher Caldwell

Christopher Caldwell is Senior Editor at the Weekly Standard. Mr. Caldwell's lecture is part of Hillsdale College's National Leadership Seminar. The messages of these conferences have reached millions of Americans by lecture and media outlet. Read more [...]

BLUE Episode 12 : A Global Reach!

Global vigilance, global reach, global power. America's Airmen possess the unique ability to project strength, influence, and assistance with unrivaled speed and precision at any moment, in any place around the world. But maintaining a global presence doesn't always have to mean sending Airmen to remote locations. Advances in technology and capability have enabled Airmen to deliver assistance anywhere on the planet without the vulnerability of being present in global hotspots. AreForceTV. Read more [...]

NASA Live Video!

EARTH FROM SPACE - Real Footage FROM ISS, The International Space Station! Read more [...]

All The Largest Nuclear Explosions in History!

The first hydrogen bomb was tested in 1952, delivering a blast many times more powerful than any weapon used in World War II. this test explosion sparked a worldwide arms race to develop the most deadly weapons know to man. Check out the most awe-inducing explosions ever seen on his planet. Read more [...]

Meet the Man Who Built Russia’s Internet!

World host Ashlee Vance traveled to Moscow to hang out with Dmitry Grishin and see what life is like for one of Russia's leading tech oligarchs. Bloomberg. Read more [...]


One of the most detailed tours of the 'ISS' from American astronaut Steven Swanson!!! Up, Into Space! Read more [...]

Anne Applebaum & Stephen Cohen Cross Over NATO Expansion!

Fragment of Munk Debate where the relations between the West and Russia were debated. Shephen Cohen and Anne Applebaum cross about the role of NATO expansion and its alleged or perceived aggressiveness. Read more [...]

How Putin Is Transforming Russia!

This video features a short biography of Putin as well as an in-depth documentary about how Putin is changing Russia. Government officials and Intelligence officers in Moscow and St Petersburg who haven't seen this video might find it to be of personal interest to make it part of your knowledge base. Enjoy. From NEO. Reposted by editors. Read more [...]

Ukraine: The Unseen Attacks – Full Documentary!

NATO has stated that fighting in the east has come to characterize Ukraine. But Ukraine's struggle for survival and self-determination, free of corrupt governments and Russian influence id fought on many other fronts. From cyber defence to internal defence, fixing its forces to telling the truth - Ukraine faces challenges that may determine its very survival. Read more [...]