Trump/Russia: Moscow Rules! (3/3) | Four Corners

Four Corners investigates Russia's endgame and the motivation behind its extraordinary interference in the US Presidential elections. From ABC News (Australia). Read more [...]

Trump/Russia: Secrets, Spies and Useful Idiots (2/3) | Four Corners!

In episode two of this three-part series, Four Corners speaks to key protagonists at the centre of the unfolding drama over members of Donald Trump's team accused of being compromised by Russia. ABC News (Australia). Read more [...]

Trump/Russia: Follow the Money (1/3) | Four Corners

It's called 'The Story of the Century:' The US President and his connections to Russia. From ABC News (Australia). Read more [...]

Meet the Dazzling Flying Machines of the Future | Raffaello D’Andrea!

When you hear the word "drone," you probably think of something either very useful or very scary. But could they have aesthetic value? Autonomous systems expert Raffaello D'Andrea develops flying machins, and his latest projects are pushing the boundaries of autonomous flight - from a flying wing that can hover and recover from disturbance to an eight-propeller craft that's ambivalent to orientation ... to a swarm of tiny coordinated micro-quadcopters. From TED. Creativity in design can parallel Read more [...]

“Putin’s Next Act”!

On April 4, 2018, the Center on the United States and Europe, in partnership with the Heinrich Boll Foundation, hosted a panel discussion on Vladimir Putin's third term as Russia's president and the recent Russian presidential elections. Read more [...]

Is Russian Collusion a Delusion?: Discussion on Russian Influence // Malcolm Nance – Politicon MSNBC

Even if you think you've heard enough on the subject, this latest panel discussion offering new insights brings forth an intense news and information on how Russian influence has shaped the American political landscape under the Trump administration, and consider how we can address & stop it! Read more [...]

NATO Engages: War by Other Means? Disinformation and Election Interference!

Alongside the 2018 NATO Summit, the Atlantic Council, the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF), Women in International Security Brussels (WIIS), and the Munich Security Conference (MSC) will host the official public diplomacy event of the summit, NATO Engages: The Brussels Summit Dialogue. Read more [...]

Is Armed Conflict with Russia a Real Possibility?

On October 19, the Brookings Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence hosted a discussion in context of General Shirreff's new novel, "War with Russia," while also touching on other related areas of interest. General Sir Richard Shirreff (Ret.) of the British Army joined Michael O'Hanlon of Brookings for the discussion. Those viewers who have ever shared this possibility would do well to check out this featured question and then share it with others in your country! Read more [...]

Arati Prabhakar: An Overview of the DARPA Research Portfolio!

In her final "all hands" presentation to Agency staff, Former DARPA Director Arati Prabhakar walked through a selection of DARPA research programs, highlighting the Agency's objectives for the research and its potential impact. Read more [...]

Conflict Scenarios with Russia and China!

On June 3, Brookings hosted a panel discussion exploring possible conflict scenarios with Russia and China, what tools the United States will need to offset Russian and Chinese strategy and capabilities, and how concerned policymakers should be about America's ability to stand by its vital alliance commitments. Brookings Institution. Read more [...]