The Future of War: How It Affects YOU (Multi-Domain Operations) – Smarter Every Day 211!

Destin Sandlin said that it is a strange feeling to share this aspect of his life. He's taking a break to go back to school, but here's a peek into the part of his life he's kept hidden from the internet for many years. He was asked if he wanted to film his last mission and use it as an opportunity to explain "Multi-Domain Operations" to the public. After much consideration, he decided that this topic (especially the cyber-domain issue) was important and chose to help inform the public. Check it Read more [...]

A Vision for the Future of Missile Defense!

The CSIS International Security Program is pleased to welcome Vice Admiral Jon Hill, Director of the Missile Defense Agency, to speak on his vision and intent for the Agency. The week of the event also marked the fifteenth anniversary of the initial activation of the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system. From the Center for Strategic & International Studies. Read more [...]

Congressional Perspectives on U.S.-China Relations!

A Bipartisan Congressional Dialogue with Rep. Rick Larsen (D-WA) and Rep. Darin LaHood (R-IL). The U.S.-China relationship is having an increasingly profound impact on the global economy and plays a crucial role in influencing the international order. In managing this relationship, the House of Representatives' U.S.-China Working Group provides a platform for frank and open discussions between the U.S. Congress and China and educates members of Congress and their staffs. Read more [...]

Online Event: Russian Influence Activities in Europe!

Join CSIS for a conversation on Russia's influence activities in the UK, Europe, and Europe's southern neighborhood, on the occasion of a newly released CSIS report on Russian and Chinese influence activities in Europe and the Indo-Pacific. Examine the objectives and tactics behind Russia's influence activities in the UK, Europe, and beyond. Discuss steps that the United Kingdom has taken to be more resilient and less susceptible to Russian efforts at home and abroad. Read more [...]

How Fascism Works: A Warning for the U.S. | Amanpour and Company!

Jason Stanley is a professor of philosophy at Yale University, and in his new book "How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them," he explores the inner mechanics of fascism and the forces that drive dictatorships. Stanley joind Hari Sreenivasan to explain his concern at signs of fascism on the rise in the U.S. From Amanpour and Company. Read more [...]

Already Cool U.S.-China Relations Are Heating Up!

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we are joined by Robert Daly, Director of the Wilson Center's Kissinger Institute. He discusses the latest in U.S.-China relations and critiques the Trump administration's increasingly fiery rhetoric against China's communist party leadership and government. Read more [...]

Online Event: Russia’s Military Posture in the Arctic!

Join The Center for Strategic & International Studies for a conversation on Russia's strategic ambitions in the Arctic. Does Russia pursue territorial protection or new offensive capabilities? Intelligence studies have drawn the lines and opened the doors to knowing the intended nature of both Russia and China's military interaction in the Arctic. Read more [...]

PBS NewsHour Presents China: Power and Prosperity!

The United States' relationship with China has dominated conversations about U.S. foreign policy, trade and more recently, the global effort to combat coronavirus. Before COVID-19 cases were first reported out of China and before the pandemic swept across the globe, PBS NewsHour's foreign affairs and defense correspondent, Nick Shifrin, traveled to China for a series of inside looks into the country. PBS NewsHour Presents China: Power and Prosperity explores the future of the communist country's Read more [...]

RAND’s Nacouzi on New Hypersonic Non-Proliferation Study, Russian and Chinese Capabilities!

George Nacouzi, a senior engineer at RAND Corporation and one of the authors of "Hypersonic Missile Nonproliferation: Hindering the Spread of a New Class of Weapons," discusses the new report and how to convince great powers against using a new generation of high-speed precision weaponry as well as US, Chinese and Russian capabilities with Defense & Aerospace Report Editor Vago Muradian. Our coverage was sponsored by L3 Technologies and Leonardo DRS. By Defense & Aerospace Report. Read more [...]

U.S. Announces Shift in South China Sea Policy!

The U.S. has announced a shift in its South China Sea policy after Beijing expanded its claims in the region. Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group and GZero Media, joins CBS News to talk about the significance of the announcement. Read more [...]