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Former Top Afghan Spy Speaks Out

CBS broadcast & posted this story in May of 2011. Today it gives us an element of history that leads to understanding of events over the years. The former head of Afghanistan’s intelligence says Pakistan has supported the Taliban for years and in 2007, he says, his information pinpointed Osama bin Laden 12 miles from where American forces killed him. Lara Logan reports.

Tom’s War | #VeteransVoices from StoryCorps

Army medic Tom Geerdes discusses his service during the Vietnam War, and the profound effect it had on his life upon his return home.

Putin: Russian Arms Remain The Best-Selling Products On Global Market, Despite Sanctions

The demand for Russian arms remains at a steady high in the global market. And the main advantage of the domestic manufacturers is the quality of the products, which are unparalleled in fighting qualities – Russian President Vladimir Putin.

How Would You Describe the Canada-U.S. Relationship Today? | Outburst

From NAFTA to NATO to the WTO, Canada and the United States have been in lock-step for decades on the most important trade and defence issues for North America. But those international partnerships are showing strain.

Frozen Dreams: Russia’s Arctic Obsession

President Vladimir Putin has revived Russia’s dreams of exploiting its Arctic territory – boosted by a warming climate that has opened up the Northern Sea Route. Financial Times travels to remote reaches of Siberia to see if Russia can make it work.

U.S. Charges Chinese, Taiwan Co.’s with Trade Theft

The U.S. Justice Department has charged companies in China and Taiwan and three individuals with stealing trade secrets from a U.S. semi-conductor company.

How Worried Should the West be About China? – BBC News

How nervous should the West be about China? The vast nation is pouring money into Africa, taking over reefs in the disputed South China Sea, and engaging in a trade war with the US, raising Western concerns that a more assertive China could alter the power balance on the world stage.

Noam Chomsky on Mass Media Obsession with Russia & the Stories Not Being Covered in the Trump Era

First posted back on July 27, 2018, and timely to readdress today. “Is the mainstream media missing the real stories amid its obsession with ‘Russiagate’? For more, we speak with world-renowned political dissident, linguist, author and professor Noam Chomsky on media manipulation in the Trump era.”

Noam Chomsky on Mass Media Obsession with Russia & the Stories Not Being Covered in the Trump Era

How many readers/viewers noticed this interview when first published on July 27, 2018, from Democracy Now! It is of great value to post here today on Review again as The New York Times reports special counsel Robert Mueller is scrutinizing President Trump's tweets as part of Mueller's expanding probe into Trump's ties to Russia. This latest revelation in the Mueller investigation is part of a nearly 24-hour stream of headlines about trump, Russia and the administration's Read more [...]

‘Prepare for War,’ Xi Jinping tells military region that monitors South China Sea

China’s President Xi Jinping has ordered the military region responsible for monitoring the South China Sea and Taiwan to assess the situation it is facing and boost its capabilities so it can handle any emergency.