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Podcast: Turkey’s Future Fighter Intentions!

In this episode the Jane's Defence Weekly team discuss Turkey's future fighter intentions, developments in Afghanistan, plans for greater international engagement for the Bundeswehr, a Libyan IMINT (Imagery intelligence) anomaly and the trials and tribulations of the US Army's OMFV programme. Read more [...]

Ukrainegate Impeachment Saga Worsens US-Russia Cold War!

As the House opens impeachment hearings for President Trump, Professor Stephen F. Cohen warns that the US military assistance at the heart of Ukrainegate 'escalates' the US-Russia Cold War. Read more [...]

The Future of U.S. Counterterrorism Strategy!

Join the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Transnational Threats Project for a dialogue on U.S. counterterrorism strategy to offer assessments on the current global terrorism landscape as well as the successes and enduring challenges of U.S. counterterrorism efforts. Read more [...]

Russian Espionage Around the World!

The Russian diaspora, numbering 30 million, is the third largest in the world after India's and Mexico's. Russians began leaving the country in big numbers in the late nineteenth century, fleeing pogroms, Tsarist secret police prosecution, the Revolution, then Stalin and the KGB. Throughout, Russian emigres abroad have been variously dissidents or quiet proponents of the regime they left behind. Read more. From "World Affairs." Read more [...]

Nuclear War On Russia? | Stephen F. Cohen

Prof. Stephen F. Cohen talks to Lew Rockwell about what the CIA wants! Read more [...]

Stephen F. Cohen: The Ukranian Crisis – It’s Not All Putin’s Fault!

Why "Cold War" again? The question begs an answer! Stephen F. Cohen, Professor Emeritus, Russian Studies and Politics, New York University and Princeton University; Contributing Editor, The Nation. Read more [...]

Katrina Vanden Heuvel & Stephen Cohen on Russiagate & Their Love!

Katrina Vanden Heuvel & Stephen Cohen are two of the country's leading intellectuals ... who often disagree. They also happen to be husband and wife. Here they discuss Stephen's new book, "War with Russia?" Read more [...]

Who’s At The Trigger When the President Calls A Nuclear Strike!

What would happen today if the president ever gave the order to unleash nuclear weapons? Granted rare access to America's nuclear war fighters, veteran correspondent Jamie McIntyre on special assignment for the PBS Newshour profiles the people and the fleet that would carry out such a mission, then joins John Yang to discuss what he's learned about America's arsenal. Read more [...]

Newt Gingrich: US Needs a “Grand Strategy for China” that Fosters Freedom | American Thought Leaders!

According to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, why is communist-ruled China America's greatest threat? What did American leaders get wrong about China in the past decades, and how did this contribute to the Chinese regime's rise? Why does it matter that it's communist? And what is the significance of Vice President Mike Pence voicing his support for the Hong Kong protestors, and the continued freedom of Taiwan? Read more [...]

America’s “Ready To Fight:” The U.S. Forces Facing Down N. Korea!

CBS News published this video report just over 25 months ago. However, for all appearances, the threat still looms strong and the United States response to N. Korea bears repeating to the N. Korean regime. The threat from North Korea isn't just a war of words for the troops of U.S. Pacific Command. For "CBSN: On Assignment," correspondent Vladimir Duthiers goes inside the Air Force, Army and Navy operations where American service members are on stand-by to respond with "rapid, lethal, and overwhelming Read more [...]