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DOD Officials to Discuss The Use of Hypersonics!

Mark Lewis, Director of defense research and engineering for modernization , will discuss hypersonics during a news conference at the Pentagon, March 2, 2020. From Bridget Bosch. Read more [...]

Can We Control the Weather with Technology?

With the weather reaching new extremes, are there ways we could use our existing technology to effect control over the weather? In this video from Curious Droid we look at what we have already done and what we might conceive of doing in the near future. Read more [...]

The “True Story” The Hunt For ‘Red October’

The 1975 mutiny aboard the Soviet destroyer Storozhevoy (translated Sentry) aimed at nothing less than the overthrow of the Soviet Government. A brilliant young political officer, seized control of the ship by convincing half the officers and all of the sailors to sail to Leningrad, where they would launch a new Russian Revolution. From Raywollesen Fortes. Read more [...]


J. Harris Attempted to map every United States Military base, and it was not easy. Check out his Storyblocks where he got loads of footage for this YouTube Video. Harris is an American Filmmaker, Journalist and YouTuber, currently based in Washington D.C. If you live near a Military Base, Harris would appreciate hearing from you. Read more [...]

Arati Prabhakar: An Overview of the DARPA Research Portfolio!

In her final "all hands" presentation to Agency staff, Former DARPA Director Arati Prabhakar walked through a selection of DARPA research programs, highlighting the Agency's objectives for the research and its potential impact. In this portfolio are the technologies that will fundamentally recast military capability, change national security outcomes, and reshape how future societies around the world live and work. From DARPAtv. Read more [...]

Missile Defense and Defeat: A Conversation with the Vice Chairman!

Please join the CSIS Missile Defense Project which was programmed on February 23 for a conversation on missile defense and defeat with General John Hyten, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The discussion will address the interrelation of active missile defense, non-nuclear missile defeat, and deterrence. From Center for Strategic & International Studies. Read more [...]

U-2: All About America’s Secret Spy Plane : FULL DOCUMENTARY | Forces TV

We have been given a rare glimpse inside the United States' Beale Air Force Base - home to America's secret U-2 Spy Planes since the 1970s. First developed for the CIA in the 1950s, the Cold War era aircraft is still in service with upgrades 60 years later. We meet the men and women who keep the U-2 flying, and the pilots who fly to the edge of space for a living. Read more [...]

Titanium – The Metal That Made The SR-71 Possible!

A long-range, extreme high-altitude, Mach3+ Strategic Reconnaissance Aircraft operated by both the United States Air Force and NASA. From Real Engineering. Read more [...]


From Destin Sandlin, an American engineer and science communicator who produces the fantastic video series Smarter Every Day on his YouTube channel of the same name, which was launched in 2007. Read more [...]

NASA Science Live: We Landed on Mars!

A new chapter of Mars exploration has officially begun! On Feb 18, 2021, NASA's Perseverance Rover successfully landed on Mars. What's next? The Rover will prepare to explore its new Martian home, search for signs of ancient life and collect samples to be returned by a future mission. Read more [...]