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The US Senate Adopted GOP Rules In The Impeachment Trial After Heated Debate | MSNBC!

The Senate adopted GOP rules in the impeachment trial after heated debate. Chuck Todd summarizes the night by saying, "At times it did seem like we were watching two different trials: the Democrats focusing on the substance of their case, the White House team focusing on attacking the process." Read more [...]

How the CIA Turned the Tables on Soviet Industrial Espionage!

Thanks to the information provided by President Mitterrand of France, the U.S. knew the USSR was stealing tech. Now, the CIA had a plan, to adjust the technology being stolen so it ended up sabotaging the CIA's rivals. Read more [...]

UPDATE: Chinese Spy Spills Secrets to Expose Communist Espionage | 60 Minutes Australia!

A self-confessed Chinese spy who bravely outed himself on 60 Minutes has been making headlines around the world ever since. Check it out! Read more [...]

US Researcher Secretly Worked for China!

A Kansas associate professor concealed work he was doing for China while employed at the University of Kansas and tried to recruit other researchers and students for the Chinese government, according to revised federal charges filed. An extensively detailed superseding indictment charges Feng "Franklin" Tao, 47 of Lawrence, Kansas, with two counts of wire fraud and one count of program fraud. Read more [...]

Why is China so Nervous About Democracy in Taiwan? | The World

It's not just Taiwan's rogue status that has Beijing worried, it's the emerging success of its democracy. Taiwan went to the polls for its midterm elections, in November of 2018, for strengthening its independence-leaning government. Also at stake was a referendum on whether to adopt the name 'Taiwan' at the Olympics for a show of defiance to Beijing who had warned against any moves of showing autonomy. Read more [...]

Moscow in the Middle East: Putin the Power Broker? | To The Point!

Russia has established itself as perhaps the key power broker in the Middle East, but is Vladimir Putin a warmonger or a peace maker? From DW News. Read more [...]

Putin Suggests Giving Parliament Power to Choose Prime Minister!

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his annual State of the Nation address to the Federal Assembly in Moscow on wednesday. He proposed a national referendum on amendments to the country's constitution to increase the power of the parliament. Read more [...]

Russian Influence in Syria: A Rising Strongman in the Middle East? | DW News!

In Brussels, NATO seems to be scrambling to catch up with events in Syria since the US withdrawal from the Kurdish north and Turkey and Russia stepped in to fill the void. With member state Turkey in the mix, NATO is struggling to find a common voice. Now western nations wonder if Russia's influence in Syria is set to increase further and try to figure out how to respond to Russia's partnership there with NATO member Turkey. Read more [...]

Russia Has Gained Syria Lock, Stock and Barrel, Eurasia Group’s Kaplan Says!

Robert D. Kaplan, Eurasia Group managing director, discusses Russia and Turkey agreeing to work together to take back large chunks of Syrian territory controlled by Kurdish forces once allied with the U.S. He speaks with Bloomberg's David Westin on "Balance of Power." From Bloomberg Politics. Read more [...]

Turning to Putin, Erdogan Ignores U.S. Agreement for Northeastern Syria!

As a cease-fire in northern Syria expired October 22, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two leaders announced a joint plan to evict Kurdish YPG fighters from northeast Syria, displeasing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as well as the U.S! Nick Schifrin reports and joins special correspondent Jane Ferguson and Judy Woodruff to discuss. Read more [...]