The Militarization of the South China Sea!

Tensions between the U.S. and China have been steadily escalating on a range of issues, but there's one place where a clash of superpowers would be most likely to happen: The South China Sea. Read more [...]

Is Taiwan A Country or Part of China?

A look at the complex political situation on the Island of Taiwan. The island is administered by the Republic of China, which lost the Chinese Civil War to the Communists which control the mainland to this day, proclaiming the People's Republic of China in 1949. Both the ROC and the PRC claim to be the legitimate government of China. Read more [...]

Historian Heather Cox Richardson Says Trump Could Be Convicted | Amanpour and Company!

Conventional wisdom predicts Donald Trump won't be convicted, but Heather Cox Richardson says "not so fast." The historian and Boston College professor's thoughtful daily digest, "Letters From An American," has become a hugely popular analysis of modern politics. As she explains to Walter Isaacson, she believes simple math could help the Democrats win a convition. Read more [...]

Israel Is Prepared For War, IDF Chief Says; US Undeterred By Iran Threats – TV7 Israel News 11.02.21

The IDF Chief of General Staff affirms: Israel is well prepared for an all-out war. The Islamic Republic of Iran warns that the window of opportunity to salvage the 2015 nuclear agreement - is not unlimited in time. The United States condemns the Iranian-backed Houthis in response to a cross-border terror attack against a civilian airport in Saudi Arabia. From TV7 Israel News. Read more [...]

Delivering On The Future of Submarine Warfare!

Join the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the United States Naval Institute (USN) for a Maritime Security Dialogue featuring a discussion with Rear Admiral Charles Richard and Rear Admiral Michael Jabaley. Read more [...]

Foreign Press Center Briefing on the “U.S. Foreign Policy in the Biden Administration!

From the U.S. Department of State, February 5, 2021. President Biden stated on U.S. Defense News that "Defense, State Will Work Together to Rebuild U.S. Foreign Policy!" Read more [...]

The Space Layer: Hypersonic and Ballistic Missile Tracking Space Satellites!

From: Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance! Read more [...]

Why Is Project HAARP So Controversial?

HAARP is a magnet for the conspiracy theorists who claim it can control the weather, create earthquakes, disrupt worldwide communications and control peoples minds. So how did a research project into the ionosphere turn to this super machine? Read more [...]

Biden Seeks Extension to Nuclear Deal with Russia set to Expire February 5th!

President Joe Biden is seeking an extension to the "only standing" United States and Russia Nuclear treaty which is set to expire on February 5th, according to Former Pentagon adviser Jason Israel. "Just coming up in the next couple of weeks, it would be the expiration of the START treaty which is now the only standing US-Russia nuclear arms treaty in existence." Now remember this is largely symbolic in one respect which is it only limits US and Russia to 1,550 deployed warheads each and each of Read more [...]

Thousands Turn Out Across Russia to Protest Navalny Arrest | DW News!

Russian police have made hundreds of arrests, as supporters of jailed opposition figure Alexei Navalny, Russian opposition leader, politician, lawyer and anti-corruption activist, have taken to the streets in large protests nationwide. Tens of thousands of estimated demonstrators are rallying throughout Russia. Government officials say at least 4,000 people gathered in Moscow's Pushkinskaja Ploshad. Independent observers put the number at more than 10 times that! From DW News. Read more [...]