Most Dangerous Town on the Internet – Where Cybercrime Goes to Hide!

'Norton' explores the secret world of bulletproof hosting that's hidden deep in underground bunkers, isolated at sea, and spread across the web. Uncover the threats that lie within these services, such as botnets, malware, ransomware, and the black market, and learn how to protect yourself in "The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet, Where Cybercrime Goes to Hide." From Norton. Read more [...]

Dr. W. Ian Lipkin Breaks Down Coronavirus | Amanpour and Company!

Dr. W. Ian Lipkin is an infectious disease expert at Columbia University who is fresh out of quarantine after traveling to China, where he was studying the coronavirus outbreak. The virus has now infected nearly 94,000 people around the world with more than 3,000 deaths. Centers For Disease Control And Prevention. Read more [...]

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)!

CEO of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations Dr. Richard Hatchett explains the longterm dangers of the Covid-19 coronavirus, saying it's the scariest outbreak he's dealt with in his 20-year career. Read more [...]

Hightech in the Air | Exceptional Engineering | Free Documentary!

At Munich Airport, the world's most modern long-haul aircraft is ready to take off from the runway. The engines start and almost silent, the passenger jet rolls faster and faster to the end point of the runway and takes off. For Lufthansa, the first aircraft of the type A 350 has made a big step into a new world of passenger flight. Read more [...]

F.E. Warren Air Force Base – READY TO LAUNCH!

With unprecedented access, Wyoming Chronicle meets the Airmen at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming. Always on alert and ready to launch the land-based component of our country's nuclear triad, we descend into an active missile launch capsule, tour a missile alert facility and meet security and maintenance teams. Read more [...]

Kristin Lord: Combating Disinformation: Learn To Discern!

Rampant disinformation threatens democracy, security, and even public health worldwide. As malicious actors weaponize social media, societies worldwide are being challenged to find solutions. Technology and regulatory measures must be part of the solution but, especially in free societies, these solutions often fail to keep pace with rapidly evolving and escalating threats. From World Affairs! Read more [...]


One of the most detailed tours of the ISS from American astronaut Steven Swanson!!! Read more [...]

HOW ROCKETS ARE MADE (Rocket Factory Tour) – United Launch Alliance!

Check out this fascinating up close and personal inside look for information and scenes only a few have witnessed! From SmarterEveryDay. Read more [...]

Russian Espionage Around the World!

The Russian diaspora, numbering 30 million, is the third largest in the world after India's and Mexico's. Russians began leaving the country in big numbers in the late nineteenth century, fleeing the country, Tsarist secret police persecution, the revolution, then Stalin and the KGB. Throughout, Russian emigres abroad have been variously dissidents or quiet proponents of the regime they left behind. Moscow-based investigative journalists Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan explore the colorful and Read more [...]

Deepfake Technology Will MakeYou Question What’s Real! CNBC Reports

As the United States enters a presidential election year, experts have named deepfakes as one of the biggest cybersecurity risks of 2020. Deepfakes which are fake videos and images created using computers and machine learning, can be maliciously used to spread disinformation. Good deepfakes can be difficult to detect, posing a risk to companies, employees and consumers alike. CNBC's Grace Shao reports from Singapore. Read more [...]