Trump/Russia: Moscow Rules (3/3) | Four Corners!

Four Corners of ABC News In-Depth, investigates Russia's potential endgame and the motivation behind its extraordinary alleged interference in the U.S. Presidential Election of Donald Trump. Read more [...]

Trump/Russia: Secrets, Spies and Useful Idiots (2/3) | Four Corners!

In episode two of this three-part series, Four Corners speaks to key protagonists at the center of the unfolding, interesting drama over members of Donald Trump's team allegedly accused of being compromised by Russia, or vice-versa? Read more [...]

Trump/Russia: Follow the Money (1/3) | Four Corners!

In part one of this three-part series, ABC News In-Depth | Four Corners follows the money trail from New York to Moscow, tracking the ties between Donald Trump, his business empire and Russia. From ABC News: Read more [...]

The Mueller Report – A PBS NewsHour/FRONTLINE Special!

Now, a groundbreaking collaboration between PBS NewsHour and FRONTLINE illuminates the complex details behind the Mueller investigation and analyzes what's yet to come! Read more [...]

Supreme Revenge (full film) | FRONTLINE

An investigation of how a 30-year-old grievance transformed the court and turned confirmations into bitter, partisan conflicts. Read more [...]

Veterans Day / Memorial Day Tribute (also).

From Chris Wszolek: This is a 15-minute video produced by Chris Wszolek for a local Veterans Day program, featuring still images and video clips intricately timed to music. (NOTE: From Editor - As I was just posting this video, the B-29 "Doc" just flew over my house as a Commemorative appreciation for ALL Veterans who served in ALL branches of US Service. Thank you Chris for your Veterans Day Memorial Video and Thank You to "Doc's Friends" for your timely Tribute. Read more [...]

Why Is Project HAARP So Controversial?

HAARP is a magnet for the conspiracy theorists who claim it can control the weather, create earthquakes, disrupt worldwide communications and control peoples minds. So how did a research project into the ionosphere turn to this super machine? In this video, we'll look at what HAARP really is and why it has become so controversial. From Curious Droid. Read more [...]

The World Reacts To Joe Biden’s Victory Over Donald Trump |US Election 2020!

US President-Elect Joe Biden addressed the nation for the first time since claiming victory over President Donald Trump in Tuesday's election. Biden delivered the speech in his home state of Delaware, alongside Vice-President elect Kamala Harris. The running mates emerged victorious after taking a clear lead in the swing state of Pennsylvania after days of vote-counting! Read more [...]

China Undercover! (full film) | FRONTLINE PBS

A revealing look at the Chinese government's mass imprisonment of an estimated two million Uyghurs and other Muslims, with undercover footage inside China's secretive Xinjiang region. From FRONTLINE PBS. Read more [...]

Law And Order In Cyberspace | Secret Wars | Episode 2/2

Cyber & physical worlds collide as cyber attacks damage nuclear facilities and kinetic attacks provoke cyber attacks. As cyber warfare lacks rules, blurs war & peace and endangers civilians, the world needs new international laws, alliances, and enterprises to grapple with state-led cyber attacks. Singapore has been marshalling its youth and innovation to grow a cyber defence ecosystem. From CNA Insider. Read more [...]