Reporter Goes to the Frontlines of the Afghanistan War on the Taliban | 60 Minutes Australia!

You read about it, see it on the news, and for many, Afghanistan becomes just another battle zone. That is until you're in the thick of it, under enemy fire. That's when you realise how grim, how relentless, maybe how futile this war really is. Watch, listen and learn how the reality of this killing war can be so horrible for so many. From 60 Minutes Australia. Read more [...]

Annie Jacobsen: Inside The Cia’s Secret History!

Note: Afghanistan is openly discussed: Join us for an insider's view on this controversial and understandably obscure component of American foreign policy and the political, ethical and legal quandaries that have come with it! Read more [...]

The Next War: How The U.S. Armed Forces Are Evolving | Meet The Press!

As the United States looks beyond war as its been in Afghanistan and Iraq, the military is preparing for conflict in new domains, from battle scenarios from Cyberspace to Outer Space. Read more [...]


U.S. President Joe Biden speaks to the nation in a message detailing the rationale for the U.S. initial involvement and the history of that involvement. Read more [...]

China Is Using Bounty Hunters to Claw Back Money Inside Australia | Four Corners

Four Corners reveals the new tactics being used by Chinese authorities to take back money they believe has been stashed illegally in Australia. Reporter Mark Willacy follows the private operatives hired to track down the alleged 'hot money' and return it to China. From ABC News In-depth. Read more [...]

Multipolar World – Russia’s Primakov Doctrine in the Middle East!

The unipolar world, i.e. with one leading center of power (USA), is becoming a thing of the past. Mainly due to the growing power of China. However, Russia also has been implementing its plan to become on of the global poles of agency for over 20 years now. This strategy is defined by the Primakov Doctrine. Welcome to the next episode of the 20s Report. From Good Times Bad Times. Read more [...]

China’s Geography Problem!

China is a country located in East Asia with an area of 9,596,960 km2. The exact land area can sometimes be challenged by border disputes, including those concerning Taiwan, Aksai, Chin, The Trans-Karakoram Tract, the South China Sea Islands, the Senkaku Islands, and South Tibet. From Wendover Productions. Read more [...]

The Secret Program That Hid An Even More Secret Program!

During the Cold War air-to-air warfare was alive and well. The Soviets had a huge air force, and their fighters were a viable threat to NATO aircraft. As a result, American fighter crews trained extensively in matters pertaining to shooting down other airplanes. We trained using Top Gun's "defense in depth" theory that was built around the idea that no matter how many forward-quarter, long-range missiles a fighter was carrying, there was a good chance the threat would make it into the visual arena. Read more [...]

Was Trump Considering a Coup, and War W/Iran? A Bombshell Article Explains | Amanpour and Company!

In the waning days of his presidency, how close was Donald Trump to instigating a war with Iran? Fear of this eventuality consumed General Mark Milley, who was - and remains - the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The New Yorker's Susan Glasser broke the story of this threat and joins the show to discuss what she learned. Read more [...]

Hacking, Disinformation, and a new Cold War with Russia!

From election meddling to new US sanctions to close calls between fighter planes over the Baltic Sea, the US-Russia relationship is as complicated as ever. Read more [...]