Starr Forum: Why Nations Fail!

Starr Forum: Why Nations Fail: "The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty." A book talk featuring Daron Accemoglu and joining the conversation is John Tirman as a discussant. From MIT Center for International Studies. Read more [...]

Trump and Putin (1/2) | DW Documentary

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are two men with the same mission: They say they want to make their countries "great again." Trump was Moscow's preferred candidate in the 2016 U.S. election. But now, the Kremlin may be having second thoughts. From DW Documentary. Read more [...]

The Future of Colonizing Space- Neil deGrasse Tyson- WGS 2018

Space missions need to have a defensive component or economic benefit. With economic returns often uncertain, space programmes have tended to be led by governments, because only they can invest in programmes that have tended to be led by governments, because only they can invest in programmes that have a long-term pay-off, whether economic or geopolitical. When it comes to saving humanity from an asteroid impact, Tyson stressed that rather than establishing colonies in space, we would be better Read more [...]

Unpacking the China-Russia Alliance!

Russia and China May no longer share a common philosophy, but the invisible hand of geopolitics is driving the two together nonetheless. From CaspianReport! Read more [...]

What Would Happen If Russia Collapsed?

From: CaspianReport! Initially wasn't sure sure what unique political dynamics and economics were occurring to generate the concepts and resultant rhetoric that drove the Caspian Report to develop this feature. However as the video develops ,the video opens with the thought, "Russia has sustained itself through all manner of political stress, but what would happen if it collapsed in the 21st Century?" Stay with it as the answer to this question is revealed. Read more [...]

Inside the Arctic Military Base at the Center of U.S. – Russia Tensions | WSJ

Melting sea ice in the Arctic is spurring a scramble for resources, shipping routes and strategic strongholds in the region. WSJ's Michael M. Phillips travels to Tin City, Alaska, to see what that means for the U.S. military's strategy in the far North. From Wall Street Journal. Read more [...]

The U.S. Military and Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority!

To ensure that American Military superiority endures, and in combination with other elements of national power is ready! From Hudson Institute. Read more [...]

Space Race in the 21st Century: Understanding Russia’s Evolving Military Capabilities!

In celebration of the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight in space some six decades ago., Russian President Vladimir Putin remarked that Russia needed to maintain its status as a nuclear and space power in the twenty-first century. Its reported July 2020 launch of an of an anti-satellite weapon and the concerning movement of its Cosmos satellites raise 'serious' concerns regarding Moscow's intentions as its capabilities grow and place it in serious jeopardy. From Center for Strategic & International Read more [...]

Cybersecurity in the Quantum Future!

The implementation of quantum computing will create vast opportunities for technological advancement, while also developing new challenges for cybersecurity. Faster speeds and more advanced capabilities are expected to allow quantum computers to break advanced encryptions in just 8 hours. These developments will likely spur advances in the security industry, but recent events show how existing solutions have slow adoption rates and poor implementation, making it harder to address vulnerabilities. Read more [...]

Journalist Annie Jacobsen: Biometrics and the Surveillance State!

Journalist Annie Jacobsen in her latest book, First Platoon, investigates "warfare, good and evil in the age of biometrics, the technology that would allow the government to identify anyone, anywhere, at any time." Come for a discussion about the Pentagon's abilities to utilize iris scans, fingerprint scans, voice patterning, detection by odor, gait and more to track human patterns, as well as the ethical questions raised by what the author calls "a burgeoning surveillance state." From Commonwealth Read more [...]