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US Airstrikes against ISIS (Operation Inherent Resolve)

This is a compilation of Air Strikes against ISIL/ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The footage is not VF-21 Freelancers. However they do have editing credit. Otherwise credit for the multiple footage shot goes to the respective owners. The video is impressive.

60 Minutes gets rare look at U.S. command center in war against ISIS

The crucial military hub is located in a bunker-like building in the middle of a giant air base in the Persian Gulf country of Qatar. It is ground zero for an air campaign against ISIS that’s costing $10 million a day. David Martin gives a preview of Sunday’s 60 Minutes Report.

US Airstrikes against ISIS (Operation Inherent Resolve)

U.S. and coalition military forces continue to attack Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and the Levant terrorists in Iraq with Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve.

ISIS Attacked by UAE’s First Female Fighter Pilot

Russian military forces start airstrikes against ISIS in Syria

Who Is ISIS And What Do They Want in Iraq?