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Cold War, Colder President: Where Does Donald Trump Stand With Russia? | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Former Ambassador Michael McFaul says Trump thinks of foreign policy in terms of “personal relationships.” How is that impacting U.S. -Russia Relations?

President Trump begins high-stakes trip to Asia

The President will be making stops in five countries in Asia for talks on trade, security and the North Korea nuclear threat. This comes as the Mueller Russia investigation heats up back home. AP White House reporter Zeke Miller breaks it all down.

President Trump passing Iran policy to Congress

President Trump was expected to not recertify the Iran Nuclear Deal, giving Congress 60 days to take action.

Iran Vows More Missile Tests Despite ‘Notice’ | MSNBC

NBC’s Ali Arouzi reports of the diplomacy breakdown between Iran and America after Sec. Michael Flynn put the country ‘on notice.’ Se. Richard Blumenthal discusses how the U.S. should proceed.

Why Air Force One could be a downgrade for President Trump

The CEO of Boeing said he will “streamline” the process of building the new Air Force One aircraft after meeting with President-elect Donald Trump prior to the swearing-in ceremony. President Trump will use the existing jets after taking office. Peter Greenberg reports on how that could mean whether or not the President will be giving up his own plane while in office.

Mr. Trump’s 757

The Apprentice’s Amanda Miller gives a tour of President Trump’s Boeing 757 in August of 2011, hence the title of the video was not current.