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Cold War, Colder President: Where Does Donald Trump Stand With Russia? | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Former Ambassador Michael McFaul says Trump thinks of foreign policy in terms of “personal relationships.” How is that impacting U.S. -Russia Relations?

Russia warns US is fueling conflict in Ukraine

Trump administration approves plan to send lethal weapons to Ukraine in a fight against Russian-backed separatists; reaction from Daniel Hoffman, retired CIA station chief who served five years in Moscow.

FULL Unedited Interview of President Putin with NBC’s Megyn Kelly

Russia’s President Putin gives an interview to NBC News Anchor Megyn Kelly in a new show by Megyn Kelly – “Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly.” This interview is interesting but was not the approach I would had taken had I had the opportunity to interview President Putin.

Russia Retaliates Against the U.S.A. Sanctions

Russia’s Foreign  Ministry demanded that the United States cut the number of diplomatic staff it has in Russia and said it would seize two US diplomatic properties, in a sharp response to a new sanctions bill passed by the US Congress.


An extremely interesting and in-depth documentary that gives an extensive factual base of history, little-known to most individuals except for those in the top governmental and military ranks.

From Spy to President: The Rise of Vladimir Putin

The question has been posed, “Will Vladimir Putin be President of Russia in 2018-2024?” If so, he will have been President for a total of 24 years. Putin seems intent on pushing back against the Western world order, and it appears that it is working.

USAF Sent B-52 Bombers Over North Pole To Deter Russia

Although now about 8 months ago for this exercise as shown on this video, Polar Roar is a U.S. Air Force exercise to send a message to Russia with B-52 Bombers launched from Alaska and navigating over the North Pole towards the Baltic Sea region. This particular exercise is an ongoing upon orders from the United States Air Force at any time deemed necessary.

The Day Blue Angels Flew Over Moscow

In 1992 the Blue Angels deployed for a month-long European tour, their first in 19 years, conducting shows in Sweden, Finland, Russia (first foreign flight demonstration team to perform there), Romania, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Spain. The Blue Angels pilots were given the opportunity to fly with one of the Russian frontline fighters, the Su-27 Flanker of the Russian Knights or the MIG-29 Fulcrum of the Swift, the two Russian demonstration teams, while the American pilots hosted the former Soviet Read more [...]


The U.S. Air Force wants the F-35 to be able to elude the best enemy air defenses well into the 2030’s and 2040’s. Military warfare management offers alternate defense capabilities in support such as naval vessels, missiles and land artillery with tanks plus special ops teams.

HUGE: Putin Issues a Ultimatum to the United States

Putin demands not just apologies, but a change in America’s entire policy. The Russian President plans to act as an equal, whether or not the U.S. wants to treat him as one. There is much more rhetoric of importance from the Russian President that should be taken seriously within this video that should be shared with all nations. It is hoped that cool heads and intelligent thinking prevails in the days and months to follow.