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Wernher von Braun: his story told. “Missile to Moon”, documentary. PBS (2012)

Missile to Moon, a new production from APT's award-winning documentary team, tells the story of Wernher von Braun and Alabama's significant contribution to the exploration of space. The program will track the evolution of Huntsville from the :"Watercress Capital of the World" to "Rocket City, USA," Wernher von Braun's journey from German Rocket Engineer to American Hero, and the role this unlikely combination played in thrusting the United States into the forefront of the Space Age. Presentation Read more [...]

Yesterday’s Air Force: FIFI

SURVIVING D-DAY (Full Documentary)


Red Tails Interview w/Dr. Roscoe Brown | Tuskegee Airman

Discovery Wings-Clash of Wings #1/13 The Bluff is Called

Bf 109 pilot Franz Stigler and B-17 pilot Charlie Brown’s first meeting