Trump Must Beat the Deep State to Keep His Presidency

This report from The Film Archives with Jerome Corsi. In the field of political science, this pop culture concept is studied within the literature on the state. The modern literature on the state is generally tied back to Bringing the State Back In (1985) and remains an active body of scholarly to this day. Within this literature, the state is understood as both venue (a set of rules under which others act and interact) as well as actor (with its own agenda). Under this dual understanding, the conspiratorial version of the deep state concept would be one version of the ‘state as actor’ while the non-conspiratorial version would be another version of the ‘state as venue.’

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  1. This posting regarding Jerome Corsi ( author of, “Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump.” For those unaware of this information, check it out. Please post your comments. Thank you!